Imani Skin Expert

Kligman's Formula

Treats and improves the appearance of melasma, age spots, uneven skin tones, and hyperpigmentation.

Imani Skin Expert

Science based skin care brand, clinically curated for people of colour, to help promote a healthy, & youthful skin full of confidence while addressing pressing skin needs and concerns.

Guaranteed Results

Treatment face kit
Treatment face soap+ treatment face toner + treatment face screen + spf

Mesotherapy Treatment
Absolute bright face kit – Absolute bright face wash + absolute bright face Toner + Absolute bright face cream + Age reversal face serum + Spf

Anti-aging Repair kit
(Anti-aging herbal soap+ anti-aging herbal polish+ anti-aging Repair whitening body milk + repair oil)

Derma-crack kit
( Derma crack soap + derma crack serum)

Our Product Kits.

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