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Versatile treatment, Mesotherapy injections address a range of face and body skin concerns.

Our Mesotherapy procedure is an amazingly versatile treatment ideal for your face, body, and hair. The procedure enables a bespoke combination of powerful vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid to be injected into the lower layers of your skin.

Using a personalised blend of nutrients, combined with cutting-edge micro-needling technology, our Mesotherapy treatment can help to trigger the production of new collagen.

Fresh skin cells will replace aged or damaged ones leaving you with a firmer, more toned, and radiant complexion. You can see and feel the results in our Mesotherapy right after the procedure as it continues to get better day after day.

Types of concerns Mesotherapy address. The combination of vitamins and minerals in our Mesotherapy skin treatment can be tailored to address a variety of concerns. Some of these include: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Dry skin, Dull & uneven skin tone, Melasma, Stretchmarks, Mild acne ETC..

The bespoke blend of vitamin injections used in Mesotherapy for the face and body can be an ideal solution if you have found other methods ineffective. You can also use Mesotherapy for hair loss that helps to:

  1. Encourage cell growth
  2. Improve circulation
  3. Stimulate the production of collagen

Mesotherapy treatment for the face and body

1. Fine lines and wrinkles

This non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatment can help to lift, plump, and hydrate your skin in order to leave it looking smooth, youthful, replenished, and glowing. Our mesotherapy device is used to deliver a direct hit of nourishing vitamins and minerals, working deep down to maximize results, making Mesotherapy for the face a great solution to help soften wrinkles, fine lines, and replenish your skin.

2. Dehydrated skin

Dehydration dramatically impacts the texture of your skin and can cause a flaky, wrinkled, dull and unhealthy appearance. Mesotherapy for the face can be a great solution for dehydrated skin as it delivers tailored vitamins and minerals into the lower layers of the epidermis helping to nourish and revitalize the skin on a deeper level.

3. Sagging skin

Mesotherapy injections help to reduce sagging skin on the face and body. Vitamins and minerals feed the skin, enhancing the production of new collagen, helping to effectively tighten and rejuvenate troublesome areas of loose skin.

4. Stretchmarks

Many people are plagued by stretch marks and are desperately looking to get rid of them. When treating stretch marks, Mesotherapy skin treatment delivers direct shots of vitamins and minerals at a precise depth. This is to encourage the production of new collagen and new skin cells to replace the old, damaged ones. Mesotherapy stretch mark treatment can help to reduce the appearance of any stubborn stretch marks, smoothing out the tone and texture of the skin.

5. Hair loss

If you are dealing with hair loss, Mesotherapy for hair treatment may help by targeting specific areas on the scalp. Its bespoke blend of vitamins and minerals works to restore hair growth on the existing hair follicles. Mesotherapy for hair loss can help to increase microcirculation and replenish the hair follicles with valuable nutrients to promote hair growth. This can result in healthier, thicker, and fuller-looking hair.


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