(With Hyaluronic Acid) Whitening. Anti-aging. Anti-wrinkle. Moisturizing.

Description: IMANI’S AGE REVERSAL FACE SERUM contains 99.9% pure gold and peptides. It is a highly concentrated serum that absorbs nutrients deep in the skin and helps improve skin tissue. It has a brightening, anti-wrinkle, and rejuvenating formula.

Helps treat skin aging including wrinkle and sagging skin by combining 24K pure gold (99.9%) which is especially effective for anti-aging. It also Removes dead skin cells. Help get rid of dark spots and skin blemishes.

Whitens the skin and maintains the skin moisture balance. It improves skin hydration.

Restores skin elasticity.


Age Reversal Face Serum is also available at Imani Aesthetic and Laser Clinic Lagos and Abuja offices.


DIRECTION: After cleansing and toning, apply a suitable amount on the entire face and neck, and gently massage until it completely absorbs.

Use any of IMANI’S face creams for optimal results.

For external use only
Keep in a cool dry place
Avoid contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water if this happens
Discontinue use if irritation occurs
Keep out of reach of children


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