Gentlemen Glow Up Facial treatment

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Gentlemen Glow Up Facial treatment.

Gentlemen Glow Up Facial treatment.

Most men think that getting a facial is something too complex for them, however facials are among the best things a man can do for his skin.

well, it’s more common for woman to get regular facials, BUT it’s actually men who need them more. This is because men have coarser, larger pores, skin damage from shaving, and an increased chance of sun damage to the overall skin.

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Imani Aesthetic and Laser Treatment. Best gentlemen glow up facial treatment clinic in lagos and abuja


Men Produce More Oil

Because men have higher testosterone levels than women, which in turn, creates more oil production, it is them who are in need of a deeper, more thorough cleanse. When not cleaned properly, oil will clog the pores of the skin and lead to blackheads, which eventually lead to unwanted blemishes. During a facial procedure, @imanibeautyempire we will perform a deep pores cleansing treatment, which is the very precise removal of the dirt and oil that’s clogging the pores.

Smoother, More Precise Shave

Whether you shave every day, or once every week, the continuous dragging of a razor across sensitive facial skin can cause irritation. Reactions such as razor burn and inflammation from gliding over pimples are common consequences of shaving. That’s why a facial will help to deep clean bumps and soothe irritated skin. The combination of exfoliation, essential oils, mask infusions, and moisturizers we use will alleviate the side effects of shaving, making your skin smoother than ever before. Why is smooth skin beneficial for men? The smoother the skin, the more effortless the shave.

Opportunity to Learn From the Bes

you can use a professional facial as your opportunity to ask questions and get the proper answers of how male skincare should be…..


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